1. Agriculture

Farmer Taddele Keda

Mung Bean Farm

ASDEPO had a project on Provision of Emergency Seeds and Animal Health Service in Zala and Ubadebretsehay woredas of Gofa Zone, SNNPRS

Ato Taddele Keda is one of the beneficiaries in Shele Kebele of Ubadebretsehay Woreda out of the 1,500 selected vulnerable farmers to the drought of 2021 in the woreda.

Munge and haricot beans distributed for the selected vulnerable farmers and they planted by these two seeds.

As a result, Ato Tadele was provided with 6.8 kg mung and haricot beans each to sow in his land of over 0.5 hectares. He was also provided with farm tools such as hoe, rake, maresha and wogel. Therefore His grown and approaching to be harvested mung bean farm was visited by a team from ASDEPO HQ on October 24, 2022, eventually to the visiting Ato Tadele was interviewed concerning the mung bean in his farm land, he responded that he will harvest after about 15 days and planned to provide to the market. As the market assessment he has made on price of mung bean it is from ETB 5,000.00 to 6,000.00/quintal and he is also expecting to harvest a minimum of 6 to 8 quintals. According to the assessment he made the quintals he had he could get ETB 30,000 to 48,000.

He further explained that he will use the money from the sale to cover children school and other household expenses. He also has planned to reserve seed for the coming planting season and he planned to share the seed with his neighbors & relatives who didn’t get the opportunity to be selected.

Harvested Mung Bean

Farmer Ato Kemalu Kabasha

Ato Kemalu Kabasha is resident of Zaba Kebele of Ubadebretsehay Woreda of Gofa Zone, SNNPRS. He was one of the vulnerable farmers and one of those affected by the drought of 2021. Due to the drought arose in the area he was unable to harvest anything from what he sow on his farm and he also lost his livestock which died due to lack of animal feed.

As the crop seed and livestock provision intervention project of ASDEPO started in the woreda, Ato Kemalu was selected as one of the beneficiaries and received  6.8 kg of mung bean the same amount of haricot bean and different farm tools including spade, maresha, wogel and hoe.

Ato Kemalu had sown what he received in more than a quarter hectare of land and so far harvested 2 quintals of mung bean and sold a quintal for ETB 5,000.00. He used the money to buy 2 goats and covered the expense of his children school. He is also expecting additional 2 quintals of mung beans which is ready to be harvested.

Beans harvested
beans harvested

2. Education

Nuria Abas’s Story

Nuria Abas is a 13 years old little girl who lived with her parents in Sedal Woreda of Kamashi zone, she was grade 5 student before the conflict arose. Due to the prolonged conflict and presence of UAGs in the area, she was out of school for 1 one and half year. She gave this account about her study: “I used to learn and play with my schoolmates before the conflict erupted in our woreda. After the emergence of the conflict, I was forced to stop my education for 1 and half year. Then we were forced to flee from our village fearing the violence in the area. I lost my classmates friendship and school life. But Now, thanks to ASDEPO and EHF, I’m back to school and happy again.”

ALP students attending their lesson