ASDEPO is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly, which gives all supreme decision and overall organization policy direction and guidance. The General Assembly and the Board of Directors are the highest authority that ultimately approve the organization’s annual budget and work-plan and elect the board.

The secretariat is headed by the Executive Director who follows the day-to-day program/project activities & administrative matters and has qualified technical staff in various disciplines. The Executive Director, Program Director and Finance Director, Finance Manager and other officers operate with defined mandate and responsibilities as well as shared and complimentary duties in the fields of program, finance and administration. The operation of the Secretariat is guided by Financial and Personnel Manuals that follow universally accepted standards and regulations of the government. It is structured in to Programme, Finance and & Admin Departments at head quarter level Yeka sub city. Currently, ASDEPO has a total of 20 technical and supporting staffs at head office level. The technical staffs ranges from PhD to Diploma levels.





ASDEPO has financial manual. All financial transactions such as budget request, approval and endorsement are strictly followed based on the procedures of the financial manual. In line with this, it uses Peachtree Accounting software and Cash based accounting system to manage numerous accounting tasks. All financial transactions are audited by external auditors on yearly basis in accordance with the financial manual. This manual puts a system that provides adequate internal control over the resources of the organization to enhance the efficiency of the overall management of its operations in place. The management committee of the ASDEPO is composed of Executive Director, Program Director, Finance and Admin Director and Finance Manager.